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Hurry Up, Slowbro

I came up with this comic while walking across The University of Arizona's campus, and was literally planning my route this way. I purposefully took every route that had the most shade, regardless of how far out of the way it took me. I know one person who didn't contribute to his skin cancer that day (I'll give you a's me)

Also, "Hold up, Rapidash" is now a permanent addition to my vernacular.

Uploaded by Bryce Good at 00:00 on 05 July, 2011


Interview Update

Gravatar Posted 10:39
Lan 26 May
by Bryce Good

Thanks for the positive encouragement from everyone regarding my phone interview! It went well, and I've been asked to come in for a face-to-face interview on Tuesday! This is a whole 'nother beast to tackle, so keep that positive thinking coming my way! And just for good measure, here's another sentence that ends with an exclamation point!

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